Do you have any lost teeth? If so, do not fret, dentures can save your smile! Because dentures are individually designed for each patient and are removable, they are often considered the most convenient tooth replacement treatment option. Even if you only have a few missing teeth, partial dentures can be crafted to suit your needs. In addition, dentures can do the following:
– Dentures are removable and thus are the quickest treatment options if you are seeking a tooth replacement service that requires little to no recovery time for your mouth.
– Dentures can return the natural shape of your jawline and facial structure that was lost due to missing teeth.
– Dentures can reverse the aged look that often occurs due to missing teeth and return your facial profile to a much younger, healthier-looking version.
– If you are missing any teeth, the void left behind can cause the gums to loosen and shift neighboring teeth. With partial dentures, the gaps can be filled in.
– A full, natural-looking smile is often helpful in the workplace and social settings.
It is also important to remember that dentures do come with some challenges. They can take some time to get used to, both for eating and speaking. If you are concerned about how well dentures will fit, dentures can also be made that snap on to dental implants, providing a much higher level of stability and function.