Have you ever heard that getting a root canal is extremely painful? Fortunately, this isn’t true. The pain most people associate with root canals is what comes before you need the root canal. The root canal actually helps take away the pain! In fact, most people who have gone through root canal therapy say that is comparable to getting a cavity filled (except a good bit longer). Still, even though root canal therapy may not be as painful as you thought, there are several things you can do to prevent the need for this treatment.
For example, you may be able to prevent root canal therapy if clean your teeth well on a daily basis and maintain a good diet. As you might understand, inadequate oral care might leave you more susceptible to cavities. A cavity is ultimately a hole in one of your teeth, which can give bacteria access to the center of your teeth. If bacteria reach the center of your tooth, you will need root canal therapy. You should also be aware that following a good, balanced diet is important to your oral health. We also suggest staying hydrated—but please try to avoid sugary drinks, soda, and juice.
Lastly, we recommend setting up an appointment with us if you think you might need root canal therapy. In other words, if you notice a large cavity, abscessed tooth, extreme sensitivity, or pain that affects your daily life (or sleep) root canal therapy could be a necessity.
Dr. McPherson completes many root canals at our office, on both molars and front teeth. In certain cases, he may need to send you to a specialist for proper care.