We get a lot of questions about whitening. Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions…
1. Is it safe?
Yes, whitening is totally safe. It does not remove any enamel. Any sensitivity you get from whitening is entirely reversible. Occasionally the chemicals used in whitening can cause some burns on the gums but these heal within a couple of days and can be avoided by making sure the bleaching materials stay in the trays.
2. How long does it take?
A lot of this depends on what type of whitening you are using as well as the condition of your teeth. With professional whitening it usually takes somewhere between 2-4 weeks to get your desired results.
3. What type of whitening will work for me?
We offer four whitening options which vary in effectiveness and price. When we see you in the office we can make a personalized recommendation based on your whitening goals and the condition of your teeth.
KOR Deep Bleaching (In-Office & Home): This option is the strongest clinical whitening option on the market. The results are fantastic! KOR whitening is so successful because of its patented tray fabrication process which allows us to create comfortable trays that seal to your teeth. This allows you to wear your trays all night long for maximum whitening. After two weeks of at home use, we will perform an in-office treatment to get your most brilliant smile. Then maintaining your smile is easy to do with an occasional night of bleaching as needed. The KOR website has before and after pictures of typical results (http://www.korwhitening.com/gallery.asp).
KOR Deep Bleaching (Home): Clinical strength gel and the best customized trays available. Initially the trays will need to be worn for 2 weeks at night to get to your optimal white and then you can use as needed to maintain your white results.
Professional Whitening (Home): Moderate results with standard custom trays. Initially you need to wear your trays for 2 weeks and then you can use as needed to maintain your white results.