If you have tooth sensitivity, you may experience constant discomfort any time you try to enjoy a food or beverage that is cold, hot, sweet or acidic. This can be an ongoing problem since tooth sensitivity often results from weakened tooth enamel caused by poor oral hygiene practices or a high intake of acidic beverages. If you have persistent tooth sensitivity and weak tooth enamel, we can provide sources of additional fluoride exposure.
We encourage you to maintain a consistent daily oral hygiene routine to reduce the acid in your smile that could otherwise weaken your tooth enamel to the point that it forms microscopic channels. These openings in the tooth surface can lead directly to the sensitive dentin in the inner tooth structure, leading to the presence of tooth sensitivity and increasing your risk of tooth decay and infection.
Our dentist can help you determine if increased fluoride exposure is sufficient to strengthen your teeth from oral acids and prevent other issues from developing. Your options for fluoride include receiving a basic fluoride treatment at our office, prescription fluoride supplements such as fluoride toothpaste and recommendations on your daily oral hygiene routine. Adding more fluoride to your teeth may help to increase their mineral density and improve the quality of the tooth enamel.