Dental erosion is an oral health disorder typically characterized by the destruction of the tooth enamel by harmful acids in your mouth. Although brushing and flossing your teeth daily are effective methods for keeping your mouth clean, the foods and drinks you consume can cause dental erosion long before cleaning treatments can be given, and can possibly lead to pulp infection and tooth loss. Listed below are well-documented risk factors for dental erosion:
— Stay away from foods and drinks that are extremely sticky or chewy, as they may linger in your mouth long after consumption and contribute to higher levels of dental erosion.
— Various products increase your risk of dental erosion. This includes highly acidic snacks and drinks, as well as foods and drinks with lots of sugar in it.
— The lower the pH level of a substance is, the higher the acidity is. High acidity levels lead to dental erosion.
— Various sweets that contain sour ingredients can greatly increase your risk of dental erosion.
— Although heartburn and acid reflux are not known for being serious oral health disorders, they can cause dental erosion to occur.