Bruxism is an oral health ailment where an individual unconsciously grinds their teeth. The long-term effects of grinding teeth can weaken enamel and are thought to possibly be linked to a variety of sleep disorders, including sleep apnea. Unfortunately, because most individuals are asleep and not aware of the damage being caused by the grinding, they may go years without ever taking action. Don’t let bruxism silently destroy your teeth. Here are some important signs to watch out for:
– You suffer from a temporomandibular disorder that has harmed the joints in your jaw.
– You might have bruxism if your jaw has been known to lock up or gets stuck in place.
– You experience pain in your head in parts beyond your jaw, including your face and ears.
– You have teeth that appear to be wearing down or are tender to the touch.
– You have weird markings and indentations on your tongue and inner cheek tissue.
– You cannot fully open and close your mouth.
Some of these signs and symptoms may also be related to other types of dental disorders (such as TMJ disorders). We can help you understand why these things are happening after an exam in our office.
At Twin Falls Family Dentistry, we offer custom night guards to help prevent teeth grinding and clenching from damaging your teeth and jaw bone. We make a variety of different types of appliances that can be customized to your specific situation. We’ve helped a variety of patients with these types of appliance to prevent damage from grinding, minimize snoring, and decrease TMJ related pain. Contact our dentist if you want to receive a night guard for teeth grinding in Greer, South Carolina.