Here at Twin Falls Family Dentistry, we strive to keep up with the latest products and technology in dentistry in order to give you the best possible care. Some of these include…

  • Digital X-Ray Sensors and Panoramic Radiograph Equipment to minimize radiation exposure
  • Isolite Tooth Isolation System
  • Releaf Suction System
  • KOR Whitening
  • The highest rated and most effective tooth bonding and filling materials
  • Buffered anesthetics for more comfortable and effective injections

We’re excited to announce the latest technological addition to our practice… The 3M True Definition Scanner! The scanner uses a sophisticated camera to take multiple pictures of your teeth that are then used to immediately create a digital model of your teeth. Instead of using messy and gag inducing impression material, we can often just take a scan of your teeth instead.
We currently use this system to take impressions for crowns and will expand it’s use into impressions for nightguards, Invisalign, snoring appliances, and TMJ appliances in the near future. Some of the major benefits of digital scanning include…

  • No messy impression material
  • Incredible accuracy leading to crowns and dental appliances that fit even better than before
  • Quicker turnaround time from dental labs because the scans can be sent instantaneously (That means less time in a temporary crown or waiting for your dental appliance to come in!)

If you’d like to see our scanner in action, ask us the next time you’re in!